Monday, 14 February 2011

New ideas

I have been paper crafting for a while mainly just cards but recently i have been experimenting with stamping. Having never done stamping before i have been slowly collecting even more stuff!  Stamps, inks, blocks etc.
I can't believe how many types of ink there are and of course each one has a different use.

I am still very new at stamping and find that i am sometimes very disappointed with the results i get.  I also find it very frustrating that i don't have enough knowledge of certain techniques,  but i will persevere as i enjoy learning new skills.

I have just bought some canvas bags and fabric paints and inks that are heat set for stamping on the bags.  Thought it would be nice to decorate boring cloth bags!  I will give a progress report as to how it goes.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Starting out!

So i started crafting about a year ago making a few cards and i have fallen in love with the whole crafting thing. 
I have so many ideas and loads of inspiration just not always enough hours to do it.

Then of course there is all the stuff! I have already got quite a lot and still buying more! Where does it end?

How do you manage to accumulate so much stuff so quickly? All of it of course necessary for your crafting needs.